I found out a couple of days ago that my husband is coming. He’ll be here on the 7th. I’m not happy. My mom thinks he might have been afraid I wasn’t going to come back home. I suppose he did have a little reason to worry. This is Hawaii after all. 😉

That wasn’t the creepy part of my story. What’s creepy is my mom’s van. Super Creepy! Yesterday we went to leave the house and the van was completely dead. What’s funny is that we were just talking before we left the house, about how we really should be taking my dad’s truck to get his tire fixed for him before he gets back on the 6th. But it was just too much trouble, so we decided to take the van. God had other plans. 🙂

The van was dead, but acting weird. After taking the key out of the ignition, the radio lights and one of the -ometers (I can’t remember which one) was staying on and blinking and buzzing and all sorts of crazy stuff. The dome light was all blinky and spazzy.

So we took the truck and got the tire fixed. We could take a hint. We half expected to get home and the van work fine, but no such luck. 🙂 LOL

Today, we went out to see if the van was working (just in case), but it wasn’t. We decided to clean the van out so we could take it to get a new battery. An hour later, I closed all the doors on the van after I finished vacuuming it and went into the house to tell my mom I was done so she could help me bring some stuff in the house. We walk into the garage, and my mom says, “Where’s that music coming from?” I tell her it’s probably from a neighbor because it sounds so faint.

“Are you sure?” she asks, as she opens the van door.

The music stops! It was coming from the van! It had been an hour since the last time the key was in the ignition, and the radio had been off the last time the van worked.

“It’s possessed,” I say, only half joking.

See? Creepy.

Anyway, I’m sure it’s an electrical problem. It would have been so much easier if it had just been the battery. I’m guessing the radio came on sometime during the night, the other night, and killed the battery by playing all night long. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will just be a fuse or relay issue and not a major wiring thing.

The Invisible,



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I’m blotchy, but what a day!

Bellows Beach. Can you say postcard? Yeah, it was that amazing. Can’t wait until I can upload pics for you guys. 😀

That’s where I spent my day today. Six hours of my day. Yes, little ol’ pale me spent six hours in the sun. After repeated applications of a spritzer-type sunscreen throughout the day, I now have a stunning sunburn…with lots of white blotches. It seems the sunscreen decided to protect only PART of my sun-sensitive (thank you RA meds!) skin. I look sooooo sexy.

We went snorkeling (sadly there was nothing to see but seaweed) and boogie boarding. I have never been boogie boarding before, but I loved it. I was giggling like a little girl even as the waves tried to rip off the top of my bathing suit and replace it with sand. Hmmm, maybe I wasn’t doing something right. 😛 LOL.

Speaking of sand…the sand at this beach was like powder. It was so soft. I really wanted to take some home with me so I could sift my fingers through it forever. But I was a good girl and didn’t take any. But if we go to this beach again, I may not be able to control myself a second time.

Hope everyone had as good a day as I had!

The Invisible,


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RA and the Beach

Did you know that it hurts to walk on the beach when you have RA? Well, it does. The sand conforms around every crevice in your foot and presses each and every one of your sore spots.

My RA started flaring this week. Super snazzy! 😛

The Invisible,


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I’m all cool and non-touristy.

Lots and lots has happened since my last post. My sister left last Friday to go home. It was very sad to see her leave. It was also very quiet. My sis is one of those wonderful people who fills every waking second with sound. She always either talking, singing, humming, quacking (just kidding), laughing loudly, etc. You get the idea. She makes her presence known in a room. She’s special that way. 🙂

We went snorkeling at Haunama Bay one day while she was here and saw a turtle. I swam with a turtle! How awesome is that?! Very cool memory. I’m so glad my sister got to see it. My husband and I never got to see one the last time we were here in Hawaii.

My mom and I have been to the beach both yesterday and today. The “locals” beaches, so I feel all cool and non-touristy. Yesterday we went to a surfer’s beach and saw something way better than surfer’s. What’s better that hot, tanned guys on surfboards? An adorable seal cavorting on the shoreline and splashing in the waves. We took a ton of pictures. Hopefully, some of them turn out and you all can see him when I post pictures once I get back home.

We’re going to the beach again tomorrow with my mom’s best friend. I’ve met her once when I first got here, and let’s just say she’s interesting. 😉

I’m starting to get a tan with all this time I’ve been spending in the sun. It’s been probably 9 years since I last had a tan. I’m one of those weirdo pale as a ghost people. It’s amazing how much healthier you look with a tan.

I’ve also come to realize I’m a beach person. I LOVE sitting on the beach, listening to the waves (or Seether), smelling the salt water air. I just might have to move to Hawaii. My mom keeps begging me to stay. Maybe I’ll take her up on the offer. LOL.

Also, there is a small possibility that my husband and his mother are going to “surprise” me by showing up sometime next week. I’m not particularly happy about this. I was really enjoying the time away from him. He also hates the water and the beach and refuses to snorkel. That bad boy better not come and ruin my happy time with my mom. I need alone time.

The Invisible,


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No F*ckin’ Way!

Excuse the language, but what I’m about to tell you was seriously that exciting.

Saturday my mom and I went to the Honolulu Zoo for a two-hour twilight tour (this isn’t the exciting part). It was a great tour. There was a beautiful elephant that waved at you, three adorable baby tigers (7 months old-ahhhhh-you know you want to say it), and a bunch of rowdy children. It’s a shame those kids weren’t behind bars. 😉 Right before we head to the zoo, my mom says we have to go pick up a friend of hers from the airport afterward. No big deal. My mom is one of those people who never stops doing things for other people.

We get to the airport, and I’m completely exasperated because this friend of hers hardly gave her any flight information. All she knew was the arrival time and airline. I get so mad when people take advantage of my mom’s niceness. We finally find the baggage claim for the flight and then wait and wait. The flight was a bit late, and for once, we actually showed up somewhere early. That’s a rarity with my mom. Finally, people start walking in to claim their luggage. My mom gets a call from her friend saying she landed. After my mom hangs up the phone, I ask her if she asked her friend what she was wearing so I could help watch for her since it was someone I hadn’t met before. Nope. Oh well. We stand there for several more minutes as things get crazier around us. My mom waves at someone way down the hallway. I plaster on my most friendly smile to meet this stranger that is interrupting my vacation (just kidding…kind of :D).

I see this short woman in jeans and a green shirt dragging a carry-on suitcase behind her. I turn to my mom to say, “She kind of looks like……….”. Wait. No Way!!! That IS my SISTER!!! I haven’t seen her in about four years! We ran to each other (just like in the movies) and hugged and cried. My moms camera decided to stop working. Go figure. LOL.

It was a surprise for my birthday. I was completely shocked. I have no idea how my whole family kept it from me. How incredible is my family??? Lucky, lucky me.

She’s here until Friday, so we’ve been super busy doing touristy stuff since this is my sisters first trip here. We did the Macadamia Nut Farm and tour yesterday. My sister got hit on by our Samoan tour guide. He asked for her number and my sis gave it to him. She’s hoping for a little local action before she leaves. LOL. She broke up with her boyfriend about a week before she got here. I don’t expect she’ll be single for long if she’s already getting dates after being here for only one day.

Today, we went to Pearl Harbor and the Dole Pineapple Plantation. Always fun and educational things to do while you’re here. The car wouldn’t start when we went to leave the pineapple plantation, and we didn’t have any jumper cables. This is a tourist spot, so no one else had them either because everyone is driving rental cars. To make a long story short, it took us 45 minutes to find someone with jumper cables.

Fun, fun, fun. I certainly can’t complain. 🙂

The Invisible,


p.s. I’ve been here a week, and I still haven’t stepped one foot on the beach. Incredible, I know. Must be a world record. It’s either been raining, too cold, or traffic has stopped us.

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First post from Hawaii!

I’m here safe everyone! The flights were great. There was a little bit of turbulence coming into Salt Lake due to storm clouds and a bit of rain, but that was it.

We haven’t really done anything that exciting yet, but we have driven a bit around the island while doing things like grocery shopping. Seeing the “real” Oahu. Crazy, crazy traffic!

My dad has off work tomorrow, before he leaves to go to Australia on Friday, and so we’re going to go snorkeling in Hanauma Bay! I haven’t been snorkeling since the last time I was in Hawaii, and it was the only thing I really HAD to do while I was here. I’m super excited.

I should have something more exciting to talk about on my next post.


The Invisible,


April 15, 2009 at 11:38 pm 4 comments

My next post will be from Hawaii

I’m off to bed to try to sleep before I have to get up at 4 am. I am soooo not a morning person. My normal bedtime is 2 am. Between the excitement and the change in my schedule, I have a feeling I’m not gonna sleep much tonight.

Here’s a link to with links to their live web cams. The Waikiki and Kuhio Beach cams are awesome. That’s where I’m going to be! Well, not exactly. I’m actually going to be in a residential area which is pretty normal. Looks just like any other suburban neighborhood. But that neighborhood will be on Oahu!

The Invisible,


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