The Dreaded Nodules

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Anyone who has rheumatoid arthritis dreads getting nodules. I happen to be one of the 25% of RA patients that gets them. When I first became aware that I might have RA and that the lump on the bottom of my left foot might be a nodule, I started researching nodules. What I found is that it’s really hard to find good information about them. This is pretty much the extent of what you get. So I thought I’d tell you about my experience with RA nodules.


The first nodule I got was on the bottom of my left foot.


Left Foot w/ Nodule

Left Foot w/ Nodule

Right Foot

Right Foot

Right foot pic is so you can see what the bottom of my left foot USE to look like.


It doesn’t look very big in the picture, but it’s really about the size of a marble and it’s hard like a marble. It’s in the tissue under the skin, not in the skin itself. When I first wake up in the morning, I can’t walk on my left foot. I have to walk on the side of my foot. When I do try to walk on my foot, it feels like I’m pinching a nerve (kinda tingly). It’s not too painful, but it’s also not a pleasant feeling. Slowing I start applying my weight to the foot, and from what I can tell, the nodule kinda nestles itself between a couple of the bones in my foot. I can see that my middle toe lays at kind of a weird angle once it does this, so the nodule must be fitting itself between the foot bones connected to that toe and my second toe. Once it does that, I can start to walk on my foot like a normal person. I can still feel it when I walk barefoot, but it doesn’t hurt or feel tingly anymore.


The actual nodule doesn’t hurt anymore; although, it did hurt when I first got it. From what I’ve read, that seems to be typical for most people who have them. They tend to be sore only when they’re growing.


The second nodule I got was on the side of my right thumb and was about the size of a pea. It was kind of like a blister when it first started and then continued to grow and get harder. After a week or so, it only hurt if a lot of pressure was applied to it. A few times it happened and I almost screamed from the sudden pain. I was shocked by how bad it hurt. My foot one never hurts like that, but I guess that’s because it has more padding to protect it.


The thumb nodule thankfully only lasted for about three weeks. I hated that one because people could see it. I don’t tell people about my health problems, so I was always afraid that someone would see the nodule and ask me what happened. Thankfully no one ever noticed it. I don’t have any pictures of it and really kick myself for it. I still have a slight calluse where the nodule use to be, but it won’t show up in a picture. I can just feel it.


So that’s my nodule story. Thanks for looking at my weird feet pictures. 😉  I hope this post helps someone else. Feel free to post any questions you might have in the comments. I’ll answer anything I can.



The Invisible,



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