Happy Un-Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2009 at 9:13 am Leave a comment

I think Valentine’s Day is the most pointless holiday of them all. If you’re only capable of showing your love to someone one day a year by buying them something, your relationship is in trouble. You shouldn’t have to buy something for someone to show them you love them. Maybe a few extra I love yous on 2/14 would be nice or for some people even just one. Or maybe a kiss that lasts more than a moment and is full of the love that you feel for that person. And why only show your love one day a year? Shouldn’t true, passionate love be a daily thing?

I went to my in-laws last night for a Valentine’s party. Yep, a family Valentine’s pizza party. The house was decorated in hearts. Heart plates and heart napkins. A Happy Valentine’s Day banner. A heart centerpiece on the dining room table. Pink and red everywhere. My mother-n-law had also bought everyone a bunch of gifts. So unnecessary. We all know she loves us dearly. The get-together was more than enough to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Just being with family is gift enough.

Maybe if everyone banded together we could get rid of the holiday. Stop buying flowers and candy and diamonds. Stop sending your kids to school with a backpack full of little name-brand Valentine cards. Stop making reservations at that expensive restaurant that you only eat at on “special” occasions. Eat there on a Wednesday night just for the fun of it.

Happy Un-Valentine’s Day to you all! 🙂

The Invisible,



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