New Drugs and Six Years

January 17, 2009 at 1:03 pm Leave a comment

I had my Rheumatologist appointment yesterday. As you all know, I don’t have any medical insurance, so I went into this appointment trying to downplay how my rheumatoid arthritis was doing. I was pretty sure she was going to want to put me on methotrexate, and I didn’t want that because of financial reasons. New drugs + lots of blood tests = lots of money.


*Gasp* I know, I know. You’re all freaking out by this statement. How could she possibly consider her finances over her medical health? By the time the appointment was done, I realized how stupid I was being. Staying mobile and preventing joint damage was more important than going into debt.


I still didn’t tell her everything, like the fact that my feet are hurting again. I told her they were fine. Bad girl, I know. But by the time I realized she knew what I was doing and was going to make me take the methotrexate anyway, it was already too late to backtrack on my story. I regret it now and won’t do it again.


So now I will be taking methotrexate (4 pills) once a week along with a daily folic acid supplement.  I’m also still taking the Plaquenil and piroxicam and some others for other problems. I’m starting to feel like a drug mule with the number of pills I’m putting through my body each day. On a Saturday (the day I will take the methotrexate), I will be taking two pills in the morning and nine (!) pills in the evening. I’m 29! This is ridiculous!


One of the interesting things I found out during the appointment was that it’s possible I’ve had RA for over six years, not the year and a half since my hands starting hurting. How did we come to this conclusion? First some backstory.


About six years ago, I started having extreme fatigue. I went to my doctor who said I just needed to get more exercise. Since he was no help, I decided it was maybe my fibromyalgia getting worse. (Fibromyalgia doesn’t really get worse, but I was trying to come up with some explanation since my doctor wouldn’t.) Also, when the hand pain started a year and a half ago, there was no change in my fatigue levels which was unusual. Then a couple of months ago, I went into RA remission for a month. It was wonderful. I had so much energy. I had started to think I was just lazy, but the remission made me realize it was the disease making me the way I am.


Anyway, the last time I had felt like this was six years ago before the extreme fatigue had started. This made me wonder if that was when my RA started with the only symptom being fatigue. When I asked my rheumatologist about it yesterday, she said it was possible.  It’s kind of good news and bad news. Since this post is already way too long, I’ll go into the good and bad of it in my next post.


The invisible,






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