Burning Bridges

January 5, 2009 at 1:35 pm Leave a comment

I had to call and make an eye-appointment today. Why is that interesting to blog about? Why, because I used to work there, of course.


I never burn bridges when I leave a job, so this eye exam will be free. Yippee! An especially good thing because I don’t have insurance. I’m getting the eye exam because it’s been six months since I started taking Plaquenil. If you’re taking it for your RA or for something else, you know that you have to have your eyes checked every six months at first, because it can cause hydroxychloroquine retinopathy. I think everything is fine, but that’s what the exam is for.


I really, really hated where I worked. I really, really wanted to burn my bridges there when I left. The manager and assistant manager were nightmares. Neither one was capable of doing their jobs. The manager went through employees like toilet paper. She was backstabbing and manipulative. The assistant manager was insane, although she did get better after they medicated her. I’m not making fun of people who need medication, I’ve needed it myself in the past, but it was a joke at the office how much saner she was after the meds took affect.


The manager in particular made my life a living hell the last five months or so that I worked there. She decided she didn’t like me. Never figured out what started it, but I’m guessing it wasn’t much. Like I said, we had a lot of turn-over thanks to her. She would decide she didn’t like somebody and force them out of the job.


She did this a little differently for each person. For me, it was giving me work shifts she knew I didn’t want (but that other employees would have loved to have), writing me up for things I didn’t do, occasionally she would ignore me (what a grown-up, huh?), always asking me to do the ‘bad’ jobs, things like that. Most people only last a few weeks after she starts this, but I lasted almost six months. I wasn’t going to let her force me out of a job until I was ready to leave. I think it irritated her to no end which made me happy.


The sad thing was that I was the best employee they had. The most knowledgeable, been there the longest, came to work every day, got to work on-time every day, was always cheerful and great with the patients, etc.


Okay, enough venting. My appointment is on Thursday. I’ll let you know how awkward it ends up being. At least when I called to make the appointment, the assistant manager knew who I was (I was afraid they would be like, “Who?”), and the call was only mildly awkward.


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